Thursday, December 29, 2005

Shining Friends

A little faith
Brightens a rainy day
Life is difficult you can go away
Don't hide yourself in a corner
You have my place to stay

Sorrow is gonna say goodbye
Opens up
You'll see the happy sunshine
Keep going on with your dream
Chasing tomorrow sunrise
The spirit can never die

Sun will shine, my friend
Won't let you cry, my dear
Seeing you shed a tear
make my world disappear
You'll never be alone in darkness

See my smile, my friend
We are with you, holding hands
you have got to believe
you are my destiny
We're meant to be your friends
That's what a friend should be

Actually, I have introduced this song to KCBADYC last year and my say is that, it is gaining popularilty among camp participants. The song was originated from a Hong Kong TVB series call "Hearts of Fencing" and it was sang by most of the actress of the show. Later, it was represent by 2R. I find it quite nice and immediately search for it.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

In The End...

KCBA English Dhamma Youth Camp 10 was ended last Sunday with a bang!!! So many had happened during the camp that the impacts of the camp can be seen in particularly everyone of us. Each of us learned a thing or two and all of us has become friends in one way or another.

Who would forget the time we spend together learning budddhism, playing, eating and even sleeping (male and female seperated) together in KCBA. It is a experience that is hard to forget and I am sure that many of us would come back for more, at least for the friendship and Dhamma.

Throughout the camp, most participants and committee members has their own share of ups and downs when they were playing games like the Work U Maggots, Seek and Fulfill, A Da Vinci Riddle, Rafia Fortress, Red Clowns, Pompei, Tarzan + George = ?, Sunglasses, Strong Wind Blows, 105.70, Get to Know, No?, Girls In Black, A Bond Created and many many more...